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How To Treat Prescription Drug Addiction?

June 28, 2024

Even though they’re permitted by law, some prescription medicines can be just as habit-forming as street drugs. If you have an addiction to a prescription drug, you’ll have to get professional help to overcome it. Getting treatment for prescription drug addiction near Boston might seem intimidating in the beginning, but knowing what to prepare for can lessen your anxiety. If you need help overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs, here’s what you should know about treatment.

Where To Go For Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

In the same way someone would go to detox and rehabilitation for an alcohol or illegal drug addiction, these same locations offer care for prescription drug addiction near Boston as well. To commence treatment, contact an accredited residential detox provider. Their staff will know how to help you handle withdrawal symptoms while the drug is eliminated from your system. Never make an effort to detox by yourself. Withdrawal from drugs may cause dangerous symptoms. A detox center will keep you safeguarded and as comfortable as possible so you are able to complete detox.

Detoxing alone isn’t all you need to conquer prescription drug addiction. Your mind will still suggest that you should have those medications. Residential drug rehab treatment centers give you a safe haven to focus on the ensuing stage of recovery. A facility like Evolve Recovery Center Millbury will continue treating remaining withdrawal symptoms and the cognitive aspect of addiction with proven-effective therapy. At Evolve Millbury, you remain for as long as it takes to feel stabilized enough to go home.

You could discover that following rehab, you require additional assistance to abstain from dependency-causing substances. Get help from a mental health organization who is known for addiction treatment and engage their programs for as long as you need. You have a right to guidance from experts who are well versed in the unique challenges of prescription drug addiction.

How To Prepare Yourself For Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

You don’t have to do much before entering care for prescription drug addiction near Boston. Contact your selected treatment center to discuss the admissions process and arrange a way to get there safely. Gather the basic essentials for your stay, including personal clothing and toiletries. Most importantly, arrive at treatment knowing that you can beat prescription drug addiction when you get compassionate, specialized care.

How Does Support For Prescription Drug Addiction Work?

Treatment for drug addiction has two facets: psychological and physiological. If you have a prescription drug dependence and encounter withdrawal when you cease using the medication, you’ll initially have to detox and let your body flush out the drug. Throughout detox, staff will monitor your core vitals and administer medicine and additional care to ease your withdrawal symptoms.

After detox is finished, you are able to progress to a rehab center. Over the course of rehab, you might continue to get care for lingering physiological symptoms. You could also get medication-assisted treatment. This uses prescription medications to control cravings and take care of co-occurring mental conditions that played a part in your addiction.

Addiction is a mental disorder. You’re more likely to conquer a prescription drug addiction with regular therapy. You might initiate therapy during detox, but you ought to go to counseling appointments during rehab and after you leave. At Evolve, we help you examine the origins of your addiction and cultivate new coping mechanisms in

As you progress through recovery, you can continue with therapy and medication-assisted treatment for however long it takes.

Get Help Quitting Addictive Prescription Drugs Near Boston

You don’t have to try and fight through a prescription drug addiction. Reach out to Evolve Recovery Center Millbury at 508-475-5676 or complete the following form to have a private conversation about addiction treatment. We answer right away at all hours, 365 days a year. If you require help, reach out now. We are here for you.