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Treating Anxiety And Addiction Near Boston

Substance use and anxiety disorders are often found together. If you’re taking habit-forming alcohol or drugs to cope with anxiety, Evolve is here for you. Reach out to us at 508-475-5676, and ask about our rehab program for anxiety and addiction near Boston. We provide skilled mental health and medical care to help you handle your anxiety, substance use, and prevent relapse. 

We’ll Help You Halt The Anxiety-Substance Use Spiral

Anxiety disorders are distressing and disruptive to your life. Alcohol and drugs may briefly drive away those emotions of anxiety. However, taking a drug to self-medicate can lead you into the addiction-anxiety spiral.

This cycle of consuming dependency-causing substances to alleviate anxiety works for a brief period but is not sustainable. First, the euphoric effects help lessen sensations of worry and stress. But, anxiety intensifies once the effects fade. You continue to use alcohol or drugs to feel better but only feel worse in the end. As your body develops a tolerance to whatever you’re taking, you require more to get that initial result. After a while, addiction emerges.

Evolve Recovery Center Millbury understands the connection between anxiety and substance use. We are prepared to help you end this devastating cycle with specialized services for anxiety and addiction in Boston. We'll help you come to grips with your anxiety to boost your recovery from substance use. Under our guidance, you'll obtain mental health and addiction treatment to help you gain the strength to overcome your addiction and thrive in spite of your anxiety. Dial 508-475-5676 today -- we are here for you. 

How We Help You Through Anxiety And Addiction Near Boston

It may seem impossible to halt the addiction-anxiety spiral, but you are not by yourself. You have a right to skilled care to overcome your anxiety and drug or alcohol use. Evolve Recovery Center Millbury addresses the residual effects of withdrawal and can detect co-occurring mental disorders at our rehab center. We'll supply you with medication and techniques to stay sober. At the same time, you begin cultivating skills for anxiety to help you stay away from relapse. We accomplish this by providing you: 

  • A safe, drug-free setting
  • A well-planned schedule each day
  • Plenty of time for rest and leisure activities 
  • Various kinds of psychotherapy adapted to your requirements
  • Experienced medical support for cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • 24-hour emotional support  

Therapy for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders is a crucial aspect of your treatment at Evolve. You'll address your mental health one-on-one with an accredited clinician in individual therapy. In group therapy, a therapist will guide you and other participants to converse about substance use and anxiety. In these sessions, you'll work on: 

  • Investigating the link between anxiety and addiction
  • Recovering from trauma from your past that caused your substance use and anxiety
  • Uncovering destructive ways of thinking and triggers of substance use and anxiety
  • Using healthy coping skills
  • Learning healthy interpersonal and communication skills 

Counseling isn’t our sole tool for addressing your mental health. You may also be given an anxiety medication or obtain help changing your dosage. Consuming medication as prescribed will help you reestablish a feeling of normalcy and resist ingesting habit-forming substances during rehabilitation and in the days ahead.

Why Choose Evolve Recovery Center Millbury For Rehab?

Rehab is a critical aspect of your recovery from addiction, and we understand its importance at Evolve Recovery Center Millbury. We work hard to give you an exceptional level of care for the best chance of long-term recovery. When rehabbing with us, you'll receive: 

  • Customized therapy based on your unique plan of care
  • Evidence-based therapy and medical treatment
  • Respect and compassion from our personnel
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Aftercare counseling for care when you depart
  • A cozy bedroom with a private bath
  • Patient break areas and recreational activities
  • Nutritious chef-cooked meals
  • Help with all your insurance and billing questions 

If Evolve seems like the right fit for you, call us at 508-475-5676 today to get more information about our treatment for anxiety and addiction near Boston. We are excited to help you take the next step toward a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Request Help For Anxiety And Addiction Near Boston

Get the best care possible at Evolve Recovery Center Millbury when struggling with anxiety and addiction. Dial 508-475-5676 or complete the following form for help. We always respond right away, 24/7, 365 days a year. We are standing by to support you now.