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Intervention Services For Boston, Massachusetts

It's devastating when someone you love struggles addiction, but declines to seek help. What can you do? An intervention can compel a family member or friend to understand that their addiction has an impact on others and that they ought to find expert help.

If you’re contemplating an intervention for a person close to you, Evolve Recovery Center Millbury can help. Contact us today to inquire about how our drug and alcohol intervention services near Boston can lead you in organizing an intervention. We’ll assist you to the resources and experts who will aid you in getting your loved one the treatment they require.

Get Your Family Member Or Friend Into Treatment With Alcohol And Drug Intervention Services In Boston

Completing an intervention is a delicate matter. If not conducted properly, you could end up pushing your friend or family member away rather than helping them. Our intervention specialists in Boston can help steer you to the outcome you want. We have extensive experience coordinating with families to persuade a relative to get started on or re-engage with substance use rehab.

When you reach out to us for intervention services, we’ll talk about your particular circumstances and concerns. If you choose to proceed, we supply two means to help you have an intervention:

  • An Evolve team member can guide you over the phone. They will advise you on how to complete the intervention yourself. Even though your love and support can make your loved one acknowledge an issue, it can be beneficial to have a specialist instruct on what to do next. We’ll converse with them about what recovery plan is most suitable for their circumstances and emphasize the ramifications of not getting assistance.
  • Refer you to a licensed interventionist in your region. We are partnered with skilled interventionists in the Boston region and will provide a reference to the right person who will help you arrange a face-to-face intervention. They will teach you on how to approach your loved one and steer the conversation, so it continues to be productive.

How Does An Intervention Work?

If you haven't witnessed a substance use intervention except for on TV, what might you expect? Here are the basic steps of the undertaking:

  1. Figure out a plan with a gathering of individuals who care about your loved one: family, friends, clergy, or healthcare professionals. A capable interventionist can also help keep the intervention on point. Ensure you know the degree of the substance use and what you are planning as next steps in the process.

  2. ​​Invite the person you’re trying to help to join you to a place without telling them your plan. The other people involved should also come.

  3. Communicate to your friend or relative that you and all others in the group are there because you care about them, and are trying not to let their substance use destroy their life.

  4. Allow everyone to share how the individual’s dependency has had an impact on them.

  5. Offer a rehab program and likely consequences for not seeking treatment. Maintain your ground if they reply in a defensive manner. A skilled interventionist is able to help direct this interchange.

  6. If they say yes to getting care, begin the tasks to get them admitted to rehab immediately.

Can You Do An Intervention Within Inpatient Rehab?

Addiction treatment has lots of hurdles. Sometimes individuals want to quit rehab against their counselors’ recommendations. While each rehab center will have its own means of approaching the situation when an individual declines care, Evolve Recovery Center Millbury can guide an intervention at our center. We’ll invite you to attend in person or online to talk about things like:

  • Why your friend or relative wants to depart

  • Why we believe they need to remain

  • The risks -- such as relapsing and overdose -- of leaving rehab early

  • If an alternative level of support is more suitable

  • How Evolve staff and loved ones may continue supporting the patient to help them stay in rehab

Evolve Millbury Is Able To Answer Your Questions About Interventions, Therapy, and Substance Use

Relatives and friends play a crucial part in our drug and alcohol rehab program. Our patients get the best outcomes when all involved work together for their benefit. When loved ones have questions about addiction rehab, just get in touch with one of our specialists. We can educate you about:

  • When should a loved one get addiction therapy

  • The repercussions of not going to rehab

  • Our intentions and treatment methods

  • How you can support your loved one in recovery

  • How to handle the difficulties of having someone you love in rehab

If you want to find out more about drug or alcohol rehab at Evolve before helping to admit a friend or relative, contact 508-475-5676 at your convenience. Our experts will address all of your inquiries to make certain that your loved one can obtain the assistance they deserve promptly.

Find Intervention Services Near Boston Now

Nobody should try to deal with addiction alone. If you or a loved one needs drug or alcohol treatment, you can request help now by dialing 508-475-5676 or filling out the form below. A member of our staff will answer you immediately, regardless of the day or time. We are ready for you 24/7.