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Treating PTSD And Addiction Near Boston

Many times, individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) get caught in an alcohol or drug disorder. If you struggle with PTSD and are self-medicating with addictive substances, Evolve Recovery Center Millbury is here. Our rehab program treats addiction and the co-occurring disorders that come with it all at once to give you the best opportunity of enduring recovery. Contact us now at 508-475-5676 to explore how we can assist you with PTSD and addiction near Boston.

PTSD symptoms can be frightening and disabling -- and it's worse if you are unaware that you have PTSD. Turning to alcohol or drugs to alleviate these symptoms may help for a little while, but soon you slip into a deeper decline. Your body develops a tolerance to the substances you take, and your condition deteriorates every time the alcohol or drugs wear off. When you become dependent on these substances, they cause more havoc in your life. It's a destructive cycle you are unable to stop on your own.

Our specialists understand how PTSD leads to addiction and how it’s seemingly impossible to quit using when you get trapped in the cycle of self-medicating. Our rehab services for PTSD and addiction near Boston can help you avoid relapse after detoxing and begin to treat your PTSD. When you have compassionate support for your emotional welfare along with your physical needs, you'll be better prepared to tackle your addiction and enjoy a more rewarding life. Reach out to us at 508-475-5676 if you need a safe location to stay and see how to end the cycle of self-medicating for PTSD.

How Evolve Treats PTSD And Addiction Near Boston

Rehab is essential for preventing relapse. When you enroll at Evolve Millbury, you'll also receive assistance for co-occurring disorders including PTSD. Our multi-faceted approach assists you physically and emotionally so you can cope with your PTSD without taking harmful substances.

We provide a well-equipped residential treatment center with comfortable living quarters and health-promoting amenities like wholesome foods, a fitness center, and enjoyable recreation activities. If you have withdrawal symptoms, our medical staff will utilize proven medications to give you relief.

Therapy is vital to help you recover from your addiction and PTSD. You will go to group and one-on-one counseling every day. Through these meetings, you'll delve into your mental disorders and how to manage them so they don't command your life. Collaborating with licensed practitioners and other patients with comparable experiences will help you:

  • Explore the association between PTSD and substance use
  • See how to manage or steer clear of triggers for PTSD symptoms
  • Identify and keep away from triggers for alcohol or drug use
  • Learn positive coping strategies
  • Begin replacing negative thoughts and feelings with optimistic, constructive thoughts

By uniting qualified medical and mental support, we intend to supply the tools you need to move forward without addictive substances. If you need a safe, drug-free setting to recuperate following detox, call 508-475-5676 and speak with a Evolve team member about starting our rehab program near Boston.

Why Choose Evolve Recovery Center Millbury For PTSD And Addiction Treatment

You cannot recuperate from substance addiction by yourself. Our rehab facility is the best choice after going through detox. You’ll receive an exceptional level of care from caring professionals who are driven to see you triumph over addiction and PTSD. We understand we’re just one step of your recovery journey, but we’re here to help you make the most of it so you can progress toward your goals.

To help you move forward, we give you everything you require to feel good enough to live substance-free when you leave us. That includes:

  • A personalized care plan that tailors our therapy to your specific needs
  • Evidence-based psychotherapy and medical care
  • A safe, trigger-free surrounding
  • Counseling for aftercare plans
  • A fully furnished room with your own bath
  • An on-site health center, lounge, and recreational activities
  • Delicious chef-made meals and drinks available round-the-clock
  • Compassionate, respectful care
  • Unwavering patient privacy and confidentiality protocols

If you are looking for a rehab facility that offers support for both addiction and co-occurring disorders, reach out to Evolve at 508-475-5676 now. We’ll provide more information and get you admitted immediately.

Request Help For PTSD And Addiction Near Boston

Evolve is here if you want to start rehab for substance use and PTSD. Dial 508-475-5676 or complete the simple form below. A representative will answer promptly, no matter hour. We are here to support you now.