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Our Rehab Process Near Boston

Whether this is your first experience in addiction rehab or you've attempted it before, we recognize that you could feel apprehensive and uncertain about coming to Evolve Recovery Center Millbury. We are hopeful that our sharing of our individualized rehab process will relieve some of your worry and help you obtain the maximum benefit from our treatments. You may also contact us at 508-475-5676 at any time to speak with one of our helpful admissions professionals about your questions and concerns about rehab.

Why Start Drug Rehab Near Boston?

After you complete drug detox, you’re at your highest risk for relapsing. Evolve Millbury is here to help you stay off of drugs and move forward on your path to a sober life. Our drug rehab treatment helps you accomplish this by

  • Giving you a protected environment free of the triggers and trauma of drug use
  • Supplying medical treatment to manage persistent withdrawal symptoms
  • Delving into the underlying origins of drug use
  • Teaching you coping mechanisms to aid you through the course of your addiction recovery
  • Formulating an aftercare program to facilitate a lasting recovery

When you’re ready to make the next move in prevailing over drug use, reach out to Evolve Millbury. Our experienced staff will discuss if rehab is the right place for you and disclose everything you need to know about our intake process.

Why Go To Alcohol Rehab In Boston?

Most men and women dealing with alcohol use disorder are not able to halt drinking alone. Detox centers care for you while alcohol is cleared from your system, but it’s difficult not to start using again when you continue to have cravings and distressing withdrawal symptoms. Our alcohol rehab process in Boston allows you to tackle these obstacles. Once you detox from alcohol, enter our facility, and we will

  • Provide relaxing quarters clear of influences that trigger drinking
  • Provide medical assistance for withdrawal symptoms
  • Manage the mental aspects of alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental disorders
  • Instruct you on healthy coping mechanisms for abstaining from alcohol and managing the difficulties of everyday living
  • Administer to your exact needs so you can focus on you

Detox by itself isn't adequate to remain sober for the long-term. Contact Evolve Recovery Center Millbury today to discuss how we will help you defeat alcohol use disorder at our facility.

How Does Inpatient Rehab Work?

Inpatient rehab is the second step of recovery for substance use disorders once detox is complete. Over the course of rehab at Evolve Recovery Center Millbury, you’ll live in our modern inpatient facility and obtain substance use treatment on a daily basis. We utilize several therapeutic methods and have medical staff to aid you in managing physical withdrawal symptoms.

Most of all, you won’t find drugs or alcohol here. You’ll have the chance to focus on getting better without the enticement to take drugs or alcohol. At the completion of treatment, your withdrawal symptoms will be controlled, and you’ll have developed skills for preventing relapse as you resume everyday life.

What To Plan For During Rehab Admissions

Right when you step foot into our facility, Evolve Millbury personnel are there to guide you. We keep our intake procedure straightforward and give you a chance to settle in prior to starting therapy. For all individuals, we:

  • Carry out a comprehensive psychological and medical appraisal
  • Check luggage for banned or restricted items
  • Complete a urine drug screening
  • Assign a bedroom and take you around

In advance of your treatment, we consider the details of your evaluation to develop a personalized care plan for your treatment. We believe in supporting each resident individually and customizing our rehab process to fulfill your particular circumstances for the optimal care possible.

How We Use Therapy Throughout Rehab

At Evolve Millbury, we acknowledge that mental health disorders and trauma often are found at the heart of drug and alcohol addictions. In rehab, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the reasons behind your drug or alcohol use in counseling and begin to heal.

We employ several sorts of therapy to accommodate specific needs. You should anticipate going to

  • Group therapy daily
  • Individual therapy daily
  • Family counseling at least once or as appropriate

Our clinicians are expertly trained in treatment for substance use disorders and employ evidence-based techniques. As you participate in therapy, you’ll learn

  • How to identify and attend to co-occurring disorders
  • How to control cravings
  • How to boost your positive mental health
  • New, effective coping skills
  • How to repair relationships

All these beneficial tools will help you maintain the forward movement in your journey to sobriety and help you lead a happier, healthier life after you finish rehab.

Medical Treatment During Rehab

Enhancing your physical state is just as crucial as bettering your mental well-being. Our nurses will aid you in addressing any health issues by administering over-the-counter and prescription medications when required. We also promote your well-being with healthy meals, access to an exercise area, and an opportunity for reflection on our outdoor patio.

A large focus of your treatment will be on lessening your substance withdrawal symptoms. When you arrive, our healthcare team decides if medication for the aches, unease, urges, and other symptoms is appropriate. We only use proven medications and work to determine appropriate dosages contingent on your unique needs and medical history. We endeavor to help you feel better and healthier by the end of your time with us.

How We Promote Long-Term Recovery With Aftercare Planning

We understand you still require help after departing from our center, and we want to guarantee you get it. One facet of our rehab process near Boston is to assist you in planning for the upcoming steps of your journey.

We’ll collaborate with you and your loved ones to set up the next step of rehab and how to avoid relapse after you head home. Evolve Recovery Center Millbury has partnerships with various different programs in the area and is able to locate the proper outpatient treatment program where you will receive treatment and medical assistance while resuming your everyday life. We also offer an alumni program where a counselor will follow up from time to time to make sure that your rehabilitation is still progressing well.

Get Help With Alcohol And Drug Rehab

Not certain if you or a loved one requires rehab? We can help. Reach out to 508-475-5676 or complete the form below, and a member of our team will reply immediately to talk with you. We respond 24 hours a day, irregardless of the hour. We are ready to help you now.