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Substance Use And Co-occurring Disorders Rehab In Boston

When you struggle with a substance use disorder, there’s commonly an underlying mental illness too. Evolve Recovery Center Millbury offers substance use rehabilitation services with an emphasis on support for co-occurring mental health disorders. You’ll get support for your mental health while undergoing treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. If you’re searching for a secure place to live after going through detox, call us at 508-475-5676 anytime to learn about our admissions procedure.

How We Treat Co-occurring Disorders In Boston

A “co-occurring” disorder is a mental health condition you have along with a drug or alcohol use disorder. Often, this condition is a primary reason for your addiction. To help you work past your substance use disorder, Evolve also delves into the mental disorders that led to it. When we help you improve your mental outlook, you have a greater chance of an enduring recovery from addiction.

You'll get care for drug and alcohol withdrawal and mental health at our rehab facility. We commence by performing a private assessment to learn about your medical background and formulate a customized plan of treatment for you. In accordance with that plan, you'll participate in individual and group therapy sessions to address your mental and behavioral health. Daily sessions for co-occurring disorders and addiction in Boston will help you develop skills for maintaining good mental health and refraining from drug and alcohol use.

Directed by adept therapists, you’ll look into

  • How mental health contributes to alcohol and drug use
  • The roots of mental conditions
  • How to better mental health
  • How to deal with mental disorders in a constructive manner
  • How to handle stress and troubling emotions without using harmful substances
  • How to deal with cravings

Our knowledgeable medical staff may also prescribe safe and beneficial medications for mental disorders or help you handle the ones you are currently on. Getting treatment with the proper prescriptions and dosages will help you recover without falling back to harmful substances. When you move on from our treatment facility, you’ll be more sufficiently equipped for an enduring recovery.

Co-occurring Disorders We Help You Manage 

Evolve provides support for several different co-occurring disorders in Boston. Our clinicians grasp the particular struggles of the conditions we treat and support you with compassion and established techniques. We’ll help you adjust how you deal with situations and cultivate healthy habits for long-term sobriety.


If you’ve been dealing with depression by turning to dependency-causing drugs or alcohol, Evolve can help. You'll see how to tackle negative feelings and thoughts without using dangerous substances through therapy. We can also help you find the right dosage of an approved antidepressant to help you feel better.


Drugs or alcohol can push anxiety away for a moment, but it will resurface without proper treatment. We employ evidence-based care to help you manage nervous situations and avoid panic attacks. We can also help you find the right prescription to stabilize your brain's processing, which could make it easier to abstain from dependency-causing substances.

Bipolar Disorder

It's difficult to control alcohol or drug use when you experience severe mood fluctuations from bipolar disorder. In many instances substances are utilized as a way to self-soothe. Through mental health treatments and prescribed drugs, Evolve helps you balance your mood, alleviating a significant trigger to drug and alcohol use.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Alcohol and drugs feel like a distraction from PTSD, but they are just making matters worse. At Evolve Recovery Center Millbury, you can discuss your disorder with a skilled therapist and peers with comparable experiences. Within therapy, you’ll learn new coping strategies that don’t include alcohol or addictive drugs.

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

People with ADHD often grapple with self-restraint and control of impulses. These challenges might make individuals with ADHD more prone to alcohol and drug use disorders. We'll help you determine how to deal with your ADHD during substance use recovery so you can conduct a productive, substance-free life after rehab and in the years ahead.

Select Evolve To Get Support For Co-occurring Disorders And Addiction Near Boston

When you’re accepted for substance use and co-occurring disorders rehab near Boston, you deserve the highest quality of care. Evolve Recovery Center Millbury aims to provide unparalleled, understanding treatment. We want you to live a meaningful life and think that process commences with a worthwhile experience in rehab. We promote your success by supplying:

  • Evidence-based physical and mental health treatments
  • Individualized and group therapy
  • An individualized treatment plan adapted to your particular needs
  • Safe, inviting resident rooms and lounges
  • Well-balanced, chef-cooked meals and snacks
  • The right amount of down time
  • Entertaining on-site activities
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Aftercare planning prior to release
  • Expert guidance for insurance and billing issues
  • Understanding, judgment-free care

Find the professional help you need now by dialing 508-475-5676 and getting more information about our intake process. We’ll tell you everything you need to know and help get you started as soon as possible. The sooner you get to Evolve, the quicker we can help you get better.

Get Help For Co-occurring Disorders And Addiction Near Boston Now

Don’t grapple with substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders on your own. Evolve is ready to help. Place a call to 508-475-5676 or submit the form below, and we’ll respond in a prompt fashion. We’ll discuss your treatment possibilities and get you enrolled right away. We are available day or night, so contact us now to get started.