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Treating Addiction and Bipolar Disorder Near Boston

You aren’t alone if you use alcohol or drugs to cope with bipolar disorder, and you deserve the best in treatment to conquer your addiction. Evolve offers skilled, unbiased rehab services for people battling bipolar disorder and addiction near Boston. Our modern rehab center is the perfect environment to work through the causes of your drug or alcohol use, and that includes co-occurring disorders. Contact us at 508-475-5676 and begin your rehab now.

We Help You Escape The Self-medication Cycle

When you have bipolar disorder, your fluctuations in mood and energy can negatively affect your mental health and life in general. While drugs and alcohol ease bipolar symptoms briefly, they also magnify them. As you continue using substances for additional comfort, you'll require a bigger dose to feel the result you want. This creates a harmful habit of self-medication that can develop into addiction quickly.

It’s difficult and dangerous to halt this pattern by yourself. At Evolve Recovery Center Millbury, we treat substance use and co-occurring disorders to deal with the source of your addiction. By understanding the reason for your substance use, you’ll experience a more constructive rehab. Reach out to 508-475-5676 now to start your lpersonalized rehab and treat your bipolar disorder. Evolve is here to help.

How Evolve Treats Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Boston

Rehab is a vital step for addiction recovery. Evolve Recovery Center Millbury offers comprehensive rehab services that treat the core disorders that prompt alcohol and drug use. When you depart our rehab center, you will be better equipped to live a sober life with bipolar disorder.

We utilize only demonstrated treatments at Evolve. When you arrive, you will receive an examination that allows us to understand your medical background and conditions. Next, we formulate a treatment plan personalized to your exact situation. If you require medical attention for post-acute withdrawal, our experienced practitioners will dispense safe, evidence-based treatments. We will also collaborate with you to determine medication to manage your bipolar symptoms. We are driven to help you get better so you can face your addiction head-on.

Bipolar and substance use disorders are consequential mental illnesses. Along with medication, we employ many kinds of therapy to enhance your mental health. In individual therapy, you’ll meet with a qualified therapist in a fully private environment. During group sessions, you’ll converse about the challenges of having bipolar and substance use disorders with others who can relate to your experience personally.

This combination of therapies will help you begin to manage the mental aspect of both substance use and bipolar disorders. With daily therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Analyze the connection between your addiction and bipolar disorder
  • Learn how to manage and live with your bipolar disorder in positive ways
  • Learn how to counter the urge to consume drugs or alcohol
  • Cultivate beneficial coping skills
  • Recognize and change damaging patterns of behavior and thinking

Our aim at Evolve is to get you physically and mentally strong enough to go back home and refrain from using addictive substances. If you’re at risk for relapsing after detoxing, contact us at 508-475-5676 for help right away.

Why Go To Evolve Recovery Center Millbury For Bipolar And Addiction Rehab?

You can’t fight drug or alcohol addiction on your own. Evolve Recovery Center Millbury is ready to help. We want to provide all you require to avert relapse and progress toward enduring recovery. From the second you reach out to us, we focus on getting you the right help. Our experienced team of clinicians and staff members strive to provide adept care in a welcoming surrounding that lets you begin to heal from bipolar and addiction in Boston.

Just some of the ways we serve you on your journey to addiction recovery include:

  • Evidence-based psychotherapy and medical care custom-tailored to your requirements
  • A safe, substance-free setting
  • A cozy, furnished bedroom and private bathroom
  • Patient exercise space, break areas, and fun activities
  • Wholesome, chef-crafted meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Assistance with payment and insurance questions
  • Absolute patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Dignified, thoughtful support
  • Assistance with aftercare planning

If you need rehab services for substance use and co-occurring disorders, contact 508-475-5676 for prompt assistance. Evolve is standing by to help you now or supply details about our rehab strategy for bipolar disorder and addiction Boston.

Get Rehab Services For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction Near Boston

You deserve quality rehab treatment for addiction and bipolar disorder. If Evolve seems like the ideal fit for you, contact us at 508-475-5676 or by submitting the following form. A team member will answer immediately, no matter the time of day. We are prepared to assist you today.